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What services will exactly be included in my annual publicity campaign?

Read the task list to decide, if you would like to have the services provided and wish to have them executed for you. Click here to access the pdf document with this information.

Can I submit an ebook or an audio format?

Yes. Digital and audio formats are most certainly welcome. Online Book Marketing and Publicity offers additional free promotional opportunities and free services specifically catering to these formats and their markets.

Is there a learning curve required from my part?

No. Online Book Publicity and Marketing will run a campaign for you. If, however, you'd like to learn about search engine optimization and other book marketing techniques we will provide you with articles, tips and ideas.

What criteria will my book's acceptance be based on?

All submissions will receive a response. Acceptance will be based on the following:
- Quality of publication (cover, typography, etc)
- Level of Marketability
- Available sample chapters or excerpts
- Available reviews
- Popularity / marketability of genre
- Awards (if applicable)
- Distribution line (if applicable)

What happens if my book is not accepted?

All submissions will receive a response. If your book hasn't been accepted, the reasons will be clearly stated. Feel free to resubmit your publication once you have completed the recommended improvements.

Campaign fees are per title?

Search Engine book marketing


Each title even within a series is marketed with its own set of book descriptions, promotional post, tweets and unique visuals and dedicated links to its distributor.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. We offer two types of discounts. A discount on multiple book campaigns. As well a discount on books within the same series. Contact our Marketing agent Hajni to receive an offer on multiple titles.

Is there an additional cost or anything else I need to buy or license?


Do I need to install anything on my site or server?


Can I receive a FREE base-line assessment of my title?

Yes. Use this form and your base-line assessment will automatically be provided.

Do you charge a commission on sales or require marketing exclusivity?


What is SEM?

The visibility of a book is an essential and determining factor of its success. A steady stream of exposure and traffic is also an important factor. SEM "Search Engine Marketing" is not a one night wonder. It takes time and work that includes constant monitoring of results and making changes based on them. Our marketing objective is to make sure that book buyers and readers who are looking and searching for the genre or subject matter of our represented titles, find them and find them first. No matter how good a book is, if potential book buyers never come across it, they will never be able to consider it.

Why Engine Marketing? Don't most people search for books on Amazon or other large distributor sites?

Search Engine book marketing

Not exactly. People tend to go directly to Amazon when they already have an author or title in mind. However, when shoppers are browsing online for services, products, information or help in general, they'll use search engines for the sake of ease and because it casts a wider net. Google logs 2 billion searches a day, that translates to 300 million people per day. We aim to take a bite out of this traffic. Research shows that people generally don't look much further than the fist page of Google results - which makes it so very important to be and stay in those first 10 listings. This is where we come in. Our network of websites is designed to help authors with their publicity and to get them listed high in the popular search engines, such as Google. We are providing our authors and their titles the best exposure possible on search engines today.

Why Engine Marketing? Don't most people search for books on Social Networks?

Social marketing

Actually, no. Research shows that people generally tend to seek connections and up-to-date information on Social Networks. They don't look for products to purchase. As a matter of fact, they often times reject connections that link to ads or self-promotion. Social Networks are still not equipped with quality search capabilities resulting relevant results, therefore, users are seldom using them to search for anything else than other users and connections.

Where Online Book Marketing and Publicity generates traffic from?

Engine marketing

We generate traffic from Search Engines utilizing Search Engine Marketing. As a result, the listings of our represented titles appear within the top ten result positions of Google. We create online visibility.
In addition, we generate traffic from social networks: Facebook, GoodReads, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Even though, we are not a social media marketing firm, we still create and distribute content on social media in order to back-up our search engine results as well as spreading the word about the book in question.

Does Online Book Publicity practices genre-specific marketing?

Oh Yes! We market our titles to a genre-specific audience and we market to them directly on the actual platform they use.

Do members get any special book publicity campaign rates or bonus offers?

Yes. In general, campaign costs are decreasing year after year.

Are books being sold at Online Book Publicity?

No. We are an online marketing network, not a book distributor. Therefore, we do not sell books. Often times we are asked about the sales-figures of our clients. In accordance with the international privacy law, Online Book Marketing and Publicity does not and cannot measure the number of books our clients sell, neither would we share this information with anyone. We have no access to the confidential sales and traffic conversion statistics of our clients. We monitor traffic coming to and moving within our network. We measure productivity and effectiveness from the feedback of our represented authors. Read their reviews here!

How will I know how well my online book marketing and publicity campaign is progressing?

All publicity campaigns provide access to up-to-date search engine ranking position "SERP" reports. These reports are generated about 120 to 150 days after campaign activation. Our authors are also invited to join a private and secret Facebook group. Via this group they are able to communicate with our staff and monitor all activities that has been done to promote their titles and genres. All promotional project will be communicate via this group exclusively as well as an extensive database of articles. More information and access to this group is provided automatically.

Do I need to send my book or manuscript in order to be accepted?

No. Submissions are based on a set criteria that can be determined without receiving and reading a copy.

What are the benefits of the Two-year publicity and marketing campaign v.s. the One-year campaign?

Book Marketing Services

The Two-year campaign provides you with an instant discount of $350 over the period of two years.

How can I discuss my book's online marketing and its listing on Online Book Marketing and Publicity without making any commitments?

Marketing Specialist Hajni Blasko

Feel free to reach out to us here: Free to ask questions from our Marketing Specialist on staff, Hajni Blasko.
It is free to discuss the marketing of your book.
NO payment requested in this form.
Free tips and obligation-free advice will be provided.
Meet Hajni Blasko here!

My title is not yet published. How can you help?

We start representing titles as early as 3 months before publication date. These books receive special privileges. Use the submission form and indicate "not yet published" to receive these details.

When it comes to SEM, can I propose my own key phrases?

Yes, you will be given the opportunity to send us your suggestions.

When it comes to SEM, will I be provided with a set of key phrase?

Yes, we will send you our suggestions for your approval.

When it comes to the optimization of my book description, will I be provided with help?

Yes, we will work with you to create optimized content both for your listing as well as for your Amazon page. We will work with you until you are happy with results. Book descriptions can effectively assist authors to build readership and attract notice for a book.

Does my campaign includes a service to manage and make actual changes to my Amazon account?

No. This services is not listed in the .pdf, therefore, it is not included.

Can I request an additional service to manage and make changes to my Amazon account?

No. You will need to manage your Amazon content yourself or hire a professional offering this service.

Can I request the service of Amazon / AMZ LISTING OPTINIZATION without purchasing a campaign?

Yes, we will work with you to create optimized content both for your Amazon page. We will work with you until you are happy with results. Book descriptions can effectively assist authors to build readership and attract notice for a book. Amazon listing optimization is the process of upgrading book pages to improve their search visibility to A9 and Google, generating more visibility. This process includes: keyword discovery, optimizing listing text, example bio, book description and image content. Optimize your book's discoverability and visibility! Contact the publicist to request a free baseline evaluation and a free estimate to optimize your content. You will also be provided with examples of her work.

Will my Amazon / AMZ LISTING OPTINIZATION include a service to manage and make actual changes to my Amazon account?

No. We will create the content for you, but implementing it to Amazon is not included and cannot be requested.

Do I need to join social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc. in order to be represented?

No. You may or may not join social media. This is truly your decision. We will promote your book on social media, regardless of your participation on them. All traffic we gather on social media will be directed to your distributor, via your listing with us. We, however, recommend to have a Facebook profile for the soul purpose of accessing our private feedback group.

What is organic search engine marketing?

Marketing Specialist Hajni Blasko

Organic search engine marketing is a campaign which will improve the book's search engine ranking position "SERP" rating without any financial contribution to search engines.

Are you a social media marketing provider?

No. We use social marketing as a means to conduct and support our engine marketing efforts. If what you are only looking for is a large number of posts to non-targeted anyone and anywhere in the world (mostly not even Anglophones) than a cheap Fiver service is the way to go. This is not what we do.

                        Answers to advanced book marketing questions.

What is the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

What are Amazon THEMES and how could I use them?

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What is A9?

Amazon Marketing

Amazon's search engine algorithm has a name, and it's called A9. Started in 2003 as a subsidiary of Amazon, A9 was tasked with the sole responsibility of creating a better user experience by placing the right products in front of the right customers. Like Google, A9 works to find the right pages using specific on-page and off-page data to build their own SERPs “Search Engine Ranking Placement or Position".

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