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Let's chat and see how we could help you to monetize your publishing venture. Book Marketing Solutions to all authors. Let's explore the possibilities of Online Book Marketing. Our network has been providing assistance to the publicity needs of authors for 22 years. Authors with clear marketing objectives benefit from our promotional projects that combines search engine with social marketing. Authors with less experience can also benefit from the guidance of our publicist on staff and the access to our knowledge-base.

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Tired of writing numerous marketing blurbs and book descriptions and still getting the desired results?
Amazon listing optimization is the process of upgrading book pages to improve their search visibility to A10 and Google, generating more visibility. This process includes: keyword discovery, optimizing listing text, example bio, book description and image content. Optimize your book's discoverability and visibility! Chat with the publicist regarding AMZ listing optimization. Examples of previous work will be included.

New Article - Controversial Amazon Feature!

How to turn ‘Themes’ into an effective book marketing tool.

Amazon has gradually introduced a new controversial feature called Themes. This new section was first available on the Amazon mobile app. By now, it is available on all operating systems and devices. Themes allow you to see the most frequently used words in all customer reviews. If you wish to see where and how the word in question was used, click on the word to reveal its locations. This will provide you with easy access to the exact review including the term.

This system is pretty basic and is not supported by any form of intelligent algorithm. Therefore, it will also feature terms that may not be helpful or in some cases damaging to your product's image.
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